We’re open!

The South Bend Timberland Library reopened on Tuesday, January 22 after completion of mold, lead paint, and asbestos abatement in the basement. KD & S Environmental removed all the plaster from the basement as well as the top layer of dirt from the unfinished basement, and sprayed everything to kill the mold.

We recently had the gutters cleaned too, and unfortunately learned that the gutters will need to be replaced. The existing gutters are original to the building, and are built in to the roof structure. The existing gutters will need to be removed and the fascia repaired before new gutters can be installed. This is a repair, as was the abatement, that was not included in the $100,000 estimate we received from Gray and Osborne last year. We have started a GoFundMe campaign, and will be selling T-shirts as a fundraiser soon. Please share the link to our fundraiser with your friends and help us save our library!


Friends Updates

Hi Friends,

Ravenel here, your newly elected president. First off, thanks for your vote! Most importantly thank you for taking time out of our busy day to show up at the South Bend Friends of the Library meeting, Friday Oct. 5th at City Hall. 
Since then the elected board members have met and are moving forward, but we need your help to build energy and keep the fire burning as we await reentry. 
Attached you will find a recent write up that we submitted to local papers, so keep your eyes out for its appearance this week. If any of you feel called to write, you can send a Letter To The Editor or share your library stories directly with us. We are busy putting together our first newsletter with progress updates, stories and ways to stay engaged. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving these updates please send us your mailing address. Additionally we welcome you to pass this email along to anyone interested, they can send me a quick response and I will be sure to add them to our email chain. 

  • KD&S Enviromental is expected to be at South Bend’s Carnegie Library today to do an abatement cost assessment. 


  • Board of Trustee Meeting. Next Wednesday, October 24th at 5:50pm Service Center in Tumwater. The public is welcome to attend and comments must be limited to 3min. South Bend is not off the chopping block yet and we need to let them know we are still here. Please urge The Board to keep South Bend open and to follow suit with the remaining libraries listed for closure in the Capital Facilities Proposal. This will allow us ample time to secure funds and begin repairs. If you are unable to attend you can contact the board members directly, see attachment for email addresses. 
  • South Bend Friends of the Library meeting, Monday, November 5 at South Bend City Hall.

Communication is key, like air to a fire. As president, I will do my best to keep the community abreast yet that is only one small part. We need you to reach the masses, to please share with your friends, family and acquaintances. Let’s keep the South Bend Library alive in our hearts, minds and daily conversations as we patently wait and diligently work towards reentry. 

Thanks for your time, Ravenel Staricka President of the South Bend Friends of the Library