We’re open!

The South Bend Timberland Library reopened on Tuesday, January 22 after completion of mold, lead paint, and asbestos abatement in the basement. KD & S Environmental removed all the plaster from the basement as well as the top layer of dirt from the unfinished basement, and sprayed everything to kill the mold.

We recently had the gutters cleaned too, and unfortunately learned that the gutters will need to be replaced. The existing gutters are original to the building, and are built in to the roof structure. The existing gutters will need to be removed and the fascia repaired before new gutters can be installed. This is a repair, as was the abatement, that was not included in the $100,000 estimate we received from Gray and Osborne last year. We have started a GoFundMe campaign, and will be selling T-shirts as a fundraiser soon. Please share the link to our fundraiser with your friends and help us save our library!


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