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TRL Director Cheryl Heywood attended the Friends meeting at South Bend City Hall on Monday, November 5. She told the eager crowd of around 30 people that, as per the TRL Board of Trustees decision of October 10, if the City of South Bend and Friends of the Library  complete the work required by L and I and requirements are met to insure the building is safe for library staff and the public, TRL will reopen the South Bend Library. 

KD and S Environmental has submitted a proposal for mold and asbestos abatement to the City of South Bend, for a total cost of around $17,000. The Friends have paid the 50% deposit required by the firm, and permits have have been filed. The Friends will pay for the abatement in order to expedite the process. This is the first step towards re-opening the library. Friends President Ravenel Staricka and Mayor Julie Struck will meet with TRL Human Resources and Public Services Managers, Walter Bracy and Allison Grubbs, next week to determine next steps towards both the abatement process, and the eventual re-opening of the library. 

We do not yet have a start date for the abatement work, but will post details as soon as we have them. 

We’re not out of the woods yet!

In addition to the abatement work required to re-open, there are still around $100,000 worth of structural repairs needed to insure the safety of the building long term, as well as other needed repairs not included in that estimate, such as refinishing of shelving and electrical work, that will be needed keep the building a viable space for library collections and services in the future. 

Please help us help the library with your donations! 

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